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VIP and Concierge COVID-19 Testing.

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What is the Process?

1) Pick when and where you want the nasal-swabbing to occur either:
At Our Laboratory or Mobile Services.
2) Call (800) 263-5027 to order the testing service: pay for the test(s) and schedule an appointment.
3) You’ll receive a confirmation.
4) Get swabbed.
5) Get your results.

What does it Cost?

Personal VIP Testing at Our Laboratory

Mobile VIP Testing at Your Location

Corporate Concierge Services
Starting at $160/test

Where is the Lab?

Waverly Genomics administers testing through Strand Diagnostics (a division of P4 Diagnostix) located at 5770 Decatur Blvd Indianapolis IN 46241 (near the Indianapolis Airport).  

COVD-19 testing performed at Strand uses RT-PCR (reverse-transcription polymerase-chain-reaction) utilizing Thermo Fisher Scientific® equipment and TaqPath® COVID-19 probes which have been authorized by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization act.


“Alongside social-distancing protocols and mask rules, employers are screening workers more regularly to catch those who don’t show symptoms yet but might carry the virus.”
Wall Street Journal